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If you’ve managed a couple big Google AdWords campaign in the past, you can say if you’re good or not at it. Some people catch up how to make money with AdWords really quick and others will lose tons of money without being able to improve their campaign. What I’m gonna say is something that look evident for the most of us but could help some people out there. One of the easiest idea you can implement to make some money is an unbiased review blog/website for products. Whatever the products is, you need to find something you like and that have an affiliate program that pay well. so here is the plan.

Choose a affiliate program

Use CJ or Pepperjam or whatever program you prefer. Find a product where the competition isn’t that hard (avoid mortgage, insurance, financial products well find something original). Find a affiliate program that payout at least 20$ a sale. That a minimum. You don’t want to be forced to have a very high convertion ratio to make decent money. You need a program that allow you to target individual product.

Build a blog/website

Use WordPress or the CMS you prefer and use a nice template. No need to spend a lot/any of money of the template, especially at the beginning. Just make something that is decent looking and doesn’t afraid future customers. After, take some time to write decent reviews of the products. If you don’t like to write content or just not good at it, hire someone to do it for you. You can find some very decent copywriters for cheap those days. Be sure to add a picture of the product and use affiliates links to make some money.

Do a keyword research

Do a keyword research on your products using Google Keyword Tool from AdWords. You want to use the long tail to get cheap trafic that can convert well, using a large group of keywords versus using the keywords with the most traffic.

Start your AdWords campaign

Send this traffic to your blogpost using the best keywords relating to your products. Pause the campaign if you don’t have a convertion after 2x the commission amount. If you are making some money, try to optimise the campaign to become profitable asap. Once the campaign is cleaned, you have a cashcow that gonna bring money everyday, all you have to do is to track the campaign properly and pull the plug if it’s becoming non-profitable.

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