Review of Acquisio’s New Bid Rule Management System

Acquisio’s new rules-based campaign management software is straight-forward, easy to use and goes far and beyond the common ppc bid management tool . It provides handy rules templates, tools to help you manage and monitor effectiveness and a user-friendly wizard to launch rules- all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Targeting the agency crowd, this software is ideal for smaller agencies as much as big e-commerce stores.

Some highlights of Acquisio’s new service:

Get the results you want
The “Campaign Optimizer” is a neat little tool that will definitely impress your client as it shows them what you’re doing and the results they’re getting.
Using sliders, you tell the tool which metrics you want to maximize on and the tool will tell you the best way to get the best results. However, it’s not always practical for expanding campaigns nor does it do everything the bid rule tool does.

Rules will never have looked so good
Clients will appreciate the professional look of the reports and the clarity of results.

Do it once and you’ll never have to do it again
Once you’ve created a rule that is generating desired results, you will never again have to build the rule from scratch. Using the hand copy option, you can copy rules to specific accounts or even inside the same account to use the rule as a basis for a new one.

Runs on content network
The management automation tool can be used on campaigns that run on the content network by setting your rule to apply to an ad group rather than keywords.

Easy to work across multi-engines
No more wasting time assessing multiple search engines, the rules-based campaign management software is highly efficient with the help of the editor tool.

Other cool features
• Simulations allow you to see what would happen if you run the rule right now.
• You can launch rules to run on semi-automatic mode, so that in future, all you need to do is review the changes before approving them.
• Lastly, using Acquisio Expression Builder, you can plug in the action numbers you’ve determined based on the actual metrics in your campaign.

Check out this video for a glimpse of the software:

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