Advanced Strategy for Paid Blogging

I will explain here one of the easiest strategy to make some money with the paid blogging stuff. It’s not very hard to do, require almost no skills and on the top of that, it’s not time consuming at all. In a couple easy step, you will learn here how to make a good amount of money without doing much effort, and even better, it’s recurring.

This post have little to do with SEO, but it’s more focused on a global marketing strategy.

Ok, first you need to buy expired domains with a good PR on You wanna grab them here because they are cheap (5$ + registration cost) and they will keep their Pr because they are not deleted, only transfered. You may want to try the one with Fake Pr but I would prefer real PR. Also, you can go on the original GoDaddy domain resell site to get some more expensive domains with PageRank. The only point of the PageRank anyway is to be able to charge more by blog review later. You need to buy a lot of domains to make it worth it, so buy at least 15-20. Buy at least PR 3 and more.

Cool, so now you have 15-20 domains with PR3, you need to install wordpress with a theme (you can grab free ones, just search on Google for free wordpress templates or something like that). Now that you have all your domains and blogs installed, you need some content on each one.

Hire some cheap writers, you don’t want to pay more than 5-6$ an blog post. you will need a lot so you can ask for a discount. You can find some good cheap writers on forum like WickedFire or any webmasters forums. Buy at least 5-10 blog post by domain, so you need something between 75 to 200 blog post. Yes it’s start to be a little expensive but don’t worry, if you are short on cash on can start with less domain, it will only take more time to make some good money. Let’s say you have invested in 20 domains at 10$ each + 5$ for the auctions. You have now pay 300$ for the domains and you have filled them with 10 articles each at 5$ each, so you have paid 300$ for the domains and 1 grand for the content. So you have now spended 1300$ to get ready for the next step.

Register on a website like Sponsored Reviews , who pay bloggers to write for their advertisers. There is others services like that, just look on Google. But i strongly encourage you to use SR, they are harder to catch so you blogs are less likely to be penalised/banned from Google.

Now the fun start, add your blogs to SR, get them approved and than, be sure to have your cheap writers ready for a lot of action. You want to bid on every single advertiser request possible. You want at least 15$ per blog reviews, after the SR cut, you will have 9,75$ minimum. If you can charge more, do so. The maximum price yo ucan charge depands on a couple criterias, but PR and a good Alexa rank should help. So, if you pay 5$ maximum per blog review and you get minimum 9,75$, you make a wonderful 4,75$ of pure profit. Don’t forget you hav 20 blogs, so 20 x 4,75 = 95$. and there nothing retaining you to do only 1 post per blog a day. So let’s say 3 post a day = 95 x 3 = 285$ a day ! Start to sound good no ? So, with a 1300$ investement, you are now making close to 300$ a day. And closer than you think, you can add let’s say Google AdSense to the blogs, making maybe 0,10$ a day each (or way more, depands of the traffic but we are guessing almost none) so you add 2$ a day here from your 20 blogs. And if you like to live risky, you can sell links on all of those blogs for a couple hundreds/thousands more a month. Not bad for a 1,3k investment no ?

Also, because you want to create some real traffic to the blogs and have them well listed in the search engine, you can make a post yourself from time to time sending contextual links to your others blogs from one of yours. It’s better to do it this way than link them all together to avoid Google Penalities.

Also, you can build up a directory with all your blogs in it, plus others websites you may own, and use it to send some linkjuice to your blogs. And finally, you can use them to make some three way link exchange for your regular websites that making you money too.


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  • Great post, Francis. But I would suggest the following to MAXIMIZE your paid blogging success:

    Build blogs on MANY differing niches OR at least mirror the most commercial niches that paid blogging sponsors most commonly pay for.

    I look forward to more great posts from you. I’ve added you to my RSS feed.

    If anyone is looking for CHEAP but HIGH QUALITY writers, hit me up 🙂


  • Hi Francis,

    I like this idea. I think you have hit on a pretty cool idea.

    Nice to see another “Vallieres” making money online!

    I’m sure we’re related somehow 😉



  • Hey David, in fact you have the same name than my cousin. My first ancestor in America is Pierre Vallières, a french soldier who stayed in Quebec in the 1600s.


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    • It’s the same with Chrome, seem like i will have to change my theme sooner or later

  • hi

    i dont understand ” SR ” do you have some precision about that please ?

    do you have a link ?

    thanks for your reply, and thanks for your great informations blog..


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