A new company, Google Website Optimizer and Vacations

It’s been a while since i’ve wrote in this blog. I know I should write more often but writing in english is a PIA for me, I’m always thinking I sound often like a retard because of my broken engrish… First big news I have to write about is the fact that i’ve registered my own company, for my personnal consulting clients (usually SEO and PPC) and to avoid paying too much taxes on my websites revenues. I’m allready paying more than my share of taxes so I see no point of paying more for absolutly nothing except avoid some paperworks. So if you need Internet Marketing services, you can now hire me directly throught Rafale Média.

I took vacation at the beginning of January in the Riviera Maya in Mexico, I’m almost going there every year, I feel like it’s home away from home for me. I took the time to bring some good books with me. I like to read on the beach, way more relaxing that anything else in this world. I’ve almost finish Web Analytics an hour a day by Avinash Kaushik. Awesome book by an amazing analyst, a must read by anyone who have to work with Web Analytics. And I wanna take the opportunity to thanks him for the Google Analytics Beta functions access. And this guy write a very good blog with posts like Measure Latent Conversions & Visitor Behavior that definitly worth the read.

The other book i’ve read during my vacation is Always Be Testing, a book about Google Website Optimizer. I had never used that tool very much before reading that book and after almost one month of tests, I have to admit that is one of the best book i’ve read in a while. Using Google Website Optimizer and testing the right stuff can greatly improve your conversions and you can even win a shirt from Google ! I don’t know if this is the same one that I got at SES Toronto last summer but anyway you can’t have enough Google t-shirts if you are a fan boy like me.

So I’m leaving for Cuba this week-end, planning to read more relaxing books (probably the Twilight series) and try to forgetthe snow and cold of the Quebec winters. See you in a little more than a week !


  • I have been using Google Optimizer recently. It has been a big help. My conversions are up 28%. One thing I wish they had was a place where you could take notes. Describe what you are testing and any other data that may help to better evauate the results. So if anyone has a dierct line to the Google Optimizer webmaster please pass on this request.


  • I love google,but is my first time with google obtimizer.I hope grow!


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