SEO by the cows

It’s been a long time since i’ve writed in this blog, was really busy and didn’t have time to update it. I will try to update this blog way more often in the future. On a more personnal note, i’ve bough an house in a rural area (yeah i’ve a real milk farm in front of my house with cows and everything) and i’m taking a week off the job to clean the place who is still looking like a big piles of boxes everywhere. I may not post very often in this blog because I’m allready contributing to many blogs (NVI’s one, who also need to be updated more often, Go-Referencement and MazNetwork where i post in french) and many others on various subject excluding SEO. I’m presently building a project involving the new Ebay affiliation, gonna be huge but i’m not disclosing any details in public because i don’t wanna create more competition in the niche I’m targeting, but moving from CJ was the greatest thing Ebay could do, even if they still a not really good company. I guess I’m not the only one having tons of projects in mind but so little time to do half of them, it must come with the seo / webmaster job. And bu the way, please don’t complain about the horrible quality of the english on this site, it’s not my first language so it’s sure i will make mistakes.

Anyway, have a good day and let’s hope the Canadiens win the cup this year !

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