SEO optimization from Wal-Mart ?

One of the biggest problem of the SEO business is credibility. So many people are ignorant about anything related to search engine marketing that they think they are offering a good service to client when they aren’t good at all and others are just pure scammers (yeah, the one that are promising top 10 results ARE scammers, not any serious SEO can promise something like this on serious keyword). For sure i can make you rank on “your company name” or “blue widget made of bubblegum” but real good keywords that are bringing a lot of visitors and/or clients to your website aren’t usually that easy. Otherwise any half-decent SEO would just make a quick website and bank on affiliate marketing or Google AdSense (yes I do it all the time). That’s why I found not funny at all that Wal-Mart is offering SEO services for 25$/month. The last thing this business need is major corporation entering the market, offering worthless services almost free. For 25$ a month, I sure can hire some third world country workers and make them submit your website to a couple search engine. The results will be equal to 0. So congrats, you will have lost money, lost time and more important lost confidence in SEO being a efficient way to market a website. The truth is good SEO aren’t cheap, and some very expensive SEO are not worth the money they are asking, sometimes some are even bad enough to hurt their clients website ranking by using shady tactics. I’m gonna write one day a guide about how to hire a good SEO company, not for my personal profit or to find more clients for the company I’m working for, but only to teach clients how to pick a good company, and at least don’t waste their money on bad SEO. Because at long term, the last thing I want, is people losing confidence in SEO.

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