SEO Strategy : It’s like training a puppy

seo dog

I don’t write as often that i would want here, but it’s hard for me to find the time and the ideas to do it. I try to stay at least a little interesting so I just don’t do a boring post to fill out me blog with content. My english is definitly not getting better soon so you better be used to read some crappy engrish here 😉

Ok, so first I was in SES Toronto a couple weeks ago with a bunch of co-workers and friends from NVI, Go-Referencement and Mintbirdy. I wanna take the time to thanks them, had a great time even if we don’t learn that much from conferences, it’s a great place to network. I want also to thanks Yahoo and Epiar for the great party at the Ultra Supper Club. And another special thank you to Nick and Sabrina from CasinoCoins (don’t worry, I’m contacting you soon) , all the people from Acquisio and also to the people from Workopolis. Had a great time with those people and the people from, Mediagrif and everyone i met there. And a last thanks to Byron from SEO-PR for the conference pass.

Ok so enough with the thanks and let’s go with that puppy thing. By the way, this is the puppy I received as a gift from my girlfriend for my birthday. It’s a nice husky/malamute girl named Rafale. And she is gonna teach you some good seo strategy.

SEO optimization should start on a website at the early stage of development. Like a puppy, it’s harder to fix wrong habits than training them to do the right thing since the beginning. So at the beginning of any website project, developement people should sit with the SEO folks to understand what they should do to make the website more optimized  from a SEO point of view at the beginning of the website construction process.

Train your dev people to learn seo a little, at least the part they will have to do. Give them some kind of reward for doing so, like puppies, all people aren’t motivated by the same things. But if you do, you will have a nice future with your dev team, because beside fixing bad habits problem, you will be able to make them learn some more advanced tricks.

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