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Hi, My name is Francis Vallières and I am a SEO Consultant working for a company in Montreal called NVISolutions. I have created this blog with the purpose of making myself a little more known in the SEO Industry, as I’m usually a behind the scene worker even if i participate in some more known blogs and that I know a couple good people in this industry. I will also blog on my company blog soon so this blog will probably be way mroe personnal in the future than right now. As you may have noticed this far, my english is not perfect because my primary language is french and some posts on this blog will be in french as well. I just hope I’m not too confusing when I write in english and that everyone will be able to understand me well. The SEO industry is starting to get more professional and draw more mass media attention and I think that the future will be good for people who dedicate of making this industry more honest that it was before (and sadly sometimes still is) because it’s hard for clients to understand exactly what we do and how to make the difference between a good seo company and a bad one. I wish that this blog will help some people having a better understanding of this industry and that you will be able to learn about SEO and myself on this blog.

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